"I reached out to Catalyst to see if they could help reduce my insurance premiums, and they delivered! J.C has been great to work with in getting everything set up. The options available were presented clearly and I really enjoyed the personalized video that he put together which covered almost everything I needed to know. He was super responsive to my questions and a plus is that they are active in supporting the local community. So far I’m glad I made the change." - Andrew P.
"I had not shopped for insurance in over 8 year. JC made the whole process extremely simple. He gave me an easy to understand proposal listing my current coverage compared to what he could offer through his providers. When I had a few follow up questions, JC was quick to find an appointment time that worked with my schedule. He was able to provide a lot more coverage and tailor everything to my family’s specific needs, while saving us some money! What really sold me was knowing how Catalyst prioritizes giving back to improve those in need in our local community. Thanks, JC. Keep up the great work!" - Alex A.
"JC jumped on my request immediately. Asked the right questions so I knew what info to gather, had easy to understand options ready for me, and quickly got the paperwork in place. Oh …. And welcome to the modern century that many place don’t know has arrived….. all the documentation and signing was all electronic!!!!! Shopped, priced and had a policy written and signed in less than a business day and from 400 miles away!" - Marc V.
"I called Catalyst during a stressful time and I'm so glad I did! JC was so nice and helpful! He took the time to explain our old policy vs our new policy! We got great coverage at a great cost!" - Tori M
"I contacted J.C. at Catalyst for a quote on condo and auto policies. I had my quotes the same afternoon and I was able to practically double my coverage for almost the same premiums and my coverage is far better. If you are looking for someone who is responsive along with a great product, I can heartily recommended J.C. Wogomon at Catalyst Insurance Group." - Tina S.
"JC was great to work with as we prepared to get a new home owners policy and change our existing auto policies to a new provider. Not only was he knowledgeable about the options, but he compared what we had to what he was offering and it turns out we will have so much better coverage for a similar price to what we had before." - Stefan B. 
"J.C. is a rare creature that will cut through all the bull. He allowed me to make whatever decision and tailor my insurance to me and my family. His consistent communication allows you to understand that he is working for YOU at all times. I could not recommend someone better." -Andrew P.
"I had a good experience and JC does what he says he will do. He is professional and helps his clients to obtain the insurance they need with an affordable price. I highly recommend this insurance company to ALL who are looking for value and affordability. This is the insurance company to hire, especially if you have a family. Thank you JC!" - Deborah H.
"J.C. was great to work with and saved us so much money on our insurance premiums. I love that he gives back to the community and there is just a sense of family with his company. I feel very well taken care of and appreciated." - Nicole R.
"Very impressed with J. C. Wogomon - good listener, understood my complex insurance needs, found a very competitive product with better coverage than I had before. It is obvious he was well trained when he was a young agent 20 years ago! Very satisfied with J.C. Highly recommend him for your insurance needs." - Chuck B.
"This process was something I had been dreading for quite some time.
After speaking with JC, he made it quick and easy. All said and done this took me 10-15 minutes to cancel my current insurance and switch to what Catalyst was offering.
The best part about it was in, 10-15 minutes, I saved roughly 35%. Now if I could only stop spending all the money I saved on Amazon…" - Jon B. 
"Our experience with Catalyst Insurance Group, especially J.C., was top notch. J.C.'s attention to detail and his ability to compare and contrast our existing insurance coverage to his proposal was great. J.C. made it easy to understand and showed us that we were under insured. I value his honesty and integrity and most importantly his mission behind the Catalyst Insurance Group. If you are in the market for reputable and knowledgeable insurance agent that is making a difference in peoples lives and the surrounding communities, then J.C. Wogomon at Catalyst Insurance Group is your man! Thank you for your help!" - Aaron R.

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